【Bach Centre-approved Practitioner’s Course英國巴哈中心認證{國際執業花精應用諮詢師}培訓】2019/09/18~09/22

【Bach Centre-approved Courses英國巴哈中心認證花精課程Level 2】2019/07/13~07/14
主題讀書會【Healing Thyself自我療癒(第一章) ✕ 單方花精】2019/07/24, 07/27

『Bach Centre-approved Practitioner’s Course英國巴哈中心認證花精第三階課程 – 國際執業花精應用諮詢師培訓』
2019/09/18 – 09/22 (三~日)09:30 – 17:30

Practitioner’s Course是Bach巴哈花精應用諮詢師資格的培訓課程,是申請註冊成為『英國巴哈中心基金會國際執業花精應用諮詢師 Bach Centre Foundation Registered Practitioners』之必修課程。

不 必 飛 ~~,在台北就可以向全亞洲最資深的導師學習!(名額有限,敬請及早報名)

✔️ Practitioner’s Course著重花精諮詢能力的養成,您將能更專業地使用花精。

✔️ 想成為Bach巴哈國際執業花精應用諮詢師的非專業人士,或是純粹想提高自己的諮詢技能,都很適合來學習。

✔️ Practitioner’s Course共包含三個部分:5日的面授課程+PART 1書面評量、PART 2家庭作業、PART 3個案論文報告。完成作業期限為12個月~最長18個月。
Part 1,2,3將由中文批改依照英國巴哈中心工作規範來進行批改工作。

✔️ Part 1 ~ Part 3 三個部分的訓練兼具理論與實踐。學員將會學習更為細緻的花精應用方式與個案諮詢的技能,以及成為國際執業巴哈花精應用師(諮詢師)需具備的專業素養與執業品德。

✔️報名先備條件:已完成本系統Level 1 + Level 2(課程說明:http://www.peace99.tw/archives/30)。

✿本課程是由Bach Centre英國巴哈中心官方認證,當你完成面授課程+Part 1,2,3,將會獲得英國巴哈中心核發國際通用證書。

『Bach Centre-approved courses Level 3 courses』

BC Level 3 courses focus on consultations skills and the work of professional Bach practitioners. As such they are aimed at people who want to work professionally with the remedies.

Level 3 is also open to non-professionals who want to join the Bach Foundation International Register, or simply want to improve their consultation skills.

Level 3 applicants must complete Bach Centre-approved Level 1 and Level 2 courses before attending Level 3.

Level 3 structure
All Level 3 include periods of classroom teaching and periods of private study done in the student’s own time. Students have to complete written work that may include an exam, a reflective journal and essays.
Final assessment is by means of written case studies which are marked at the Bach Centre or by individuals appointed by the Centre for this purpose.
Level 3 and practitioner registration
On satisfactory completion of a Level 3 course students may apply for inclusion on the Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners,which is maintained by the Centre.

【授課講師】サオダ先生 Saodah Hayashi

➺英國巴哈中心認證 全亞洲最資深認證導師暨講師培訓教練

➺Bach Holistic Kenkyukai日本巴哈花精整體研究會會長